Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Here's some pics of R2 ,

I found everything except the foot motor channels that go into the foot shells.

The original foot Kelly Krider aluminum foot shells are gone so I'm including a set of resin feet Brenda use to make for the group. You'll have to make the aluminum channels to fit these feet.

I have some more goodies to go with him as I find them, Like the rest of the periscope.

The periscope lifter is a old style but it does work I just never got it installed.

The aluminum ring is the bottom ring. I had Jerry Greene make this for me and it's the last main part of the body, The rest of the A&A frame is just for closing in the door pockets as they do open to show the computer arm, data panel, charge port which does charge the batteries for the lights and sound.

The charge port inside the rear door is for the foot motors, I had 2 chargers with xlr plugs.

I could charge the lights and feet separate so that while setting at a show the lights wouldn't kill the foot batteries. I no longer have any batteries.

One of the foot panels does have a chip and the back door where the tape is located needs repair. The droid needs to be torn down and rebuilt but everything is ready.

All the lights work on the dome and body except the flashing red light panel on the side of the dome. It needs a wire soldered, But it does flash red and shows pics. One of the Dave Everette small logics need a diode replaced as I wired the polarity backwards many years ago. Dave said its a easy fix.

If there's any other questions, Just ask but Ill probably ask you to refer back to the blog as I have bad memory problems now.


Saturday, January 30, 2021

The hunt is on!!!

 Spent all-day today finding all of R2 parts.

Found everything except the outter feet. They're somewhere but where?

I'll start again tomorrow and find them. After 5 years of him being put away makes it hard to find something but I'll get it.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Droid for sale

 I'll be posting pics and info on selling my droid for $8000.00

I have over 10000.00 in him.

I'm hunting all of his parts and it's been around 5 years since I've seen all of him.

I know I have all of it but it will take a little while to find them.

Check back for more.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The UnDead

Wow, it has been along time since I had anything to post.
I'm working on R2's new foot motor holders and his foot shells.
These are the very old Kelly Krider foot shells, I have been putting off working
on them due to the fact that they needed so much work.
Even the center area for the ankle to mount did not come with the foot.

I now have the center ankle area installed and now I'm filing the channel to fit.
all of this stuff I've had put away for a longtime.

Here's another pic.

The new motor brackets will be much stronger and they have the 200w. Scooter motors.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ARC32 Micro

I ordered this board today and if I can get the programming figured out, It will become R2's main brain.
This board can control 32 servos and also has the ability to use sensors and a Ps2 controller.
With this many servo ports, I should be able to get all the doors, panels and other goodies working.
The nice thing is this board will allow me to remove the 12 channel remotes used for sound control and light functions.
These functions will become part of the Ps2 controller through code.
I'll post more when it arrives.


Mega was real blast this year as the Southern R2 Builders Group joined forces with the Rebel Legion.
Our joint efforts made the booth Awesome!!!!
Next year I think we will join again and see if we can out do what we did this year.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Large Data Port

I installed the back in the LDP today.
I've noticed this seems to be a popular place for kids to stick
fingers and other items, So I closed it.
I was going to paint the aluminum plate black, But I really like
the aluminum finish as it goes with my dome.

More Panel Work

I added Leds to the lower area and here's a video of them working.
Not much, But it adds some flash to the panel. There will be more
Leds coming soon.

Restraining Bolt Panel

I've been working on the Panel behind the Restraining Bolt door.
This panel is made by A&A and it's really nice.
I did have to adjust the depth of the panel to clear the door hinges.

I found the little red buttons at Radio Shack and I need to paint the nuts black.
I'm adding black screen to each side of the panel, You can see the top part.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Side Work

I mounted the Side Vents on R2 and made the Flat Plate for the bottom of the skins.
The Plates, I need to paint white and they are bolted from the bottom of the frame.
The Vents are some I bought along time ago from Mark.
They are not perfect and the only way I could mount them was to add small screws to each corner. Later I will countersink the screw holes and get some better screws.
I also need to add screen behind each vent so you can't see inside.
The 2 black Push Pins hold them skin in place and I'll paint them white.
Maybe in the future I will find a insert and use 2 Allen Button screws instead.