Sunday, February 26, 2006


I got the Utility Arms from Keith and some other parts.
I also bought the Logitech QuickCam robotic version for R2's sight.
Its pretty neat it will follow your face, So I thought when time comes it would be cool!
I've been busy buying parts for my Mini Mill, So I can produce some parts myself for R2.
It will take time to get it together, since I'm converting it to CNC.
As soon as the weather warms up I'll be back working on R2.

Got the Front

Repainted the front and got the Dome installed on the rockler bearing.
Starting to look like R2 now. Still got a lot of parts to get, But looking better!!

Getting Back to Normal

Got the rear reprimed and ready for paint.
The Gorilla Glue is working perfect, Holds very strong!!