Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trial Fitting

Just doing a little fitting on the legs.
Everything seems to be working at O.K.
so far and the Ankle Braclets I got from Jag for FREE!!! Thank you Jag!!!
The center Hydraulic seems to be off center for some reason, But I'll fix that.
This is the right leg and I'm not sure if the buttons go up front or the Hydro, So I'll have to research this problem.
Down inside the area where the Hub sets is where I'll have the steel plate. This will add even more strength to this area and there will be a steel plate under the round shoulder on the backside of the leg. So I don't expect any problems with this area not holding. Also the round shoulder will be bolted to the leg so it will also add even more strength to this area. I've got to get the mounts I need for my mill and mill the backside of the hub and the round shoulder, I'll mill the holes out alittle for the lock nuts to fit down inside the round shoulders.