Monday, December 29, 2008

Porch Testing

I took R2 on the front porch today and drove him around some.
His foot motors are wired for 12v. and they are working GREAT!!!!
I was also testing the range on the PS2 controller and it was
pretty good, Since the receiver is inside R2's aluminum body.
Seems like the maximum range is around 40 feet.
Now that's from my porch, out of my front yard (15 feet)
across the street (15 feet) and about 10 feet into the neighbors yard.
If I held the remote up high, I could regain a signal.
That's not bad for a cheap PS2 controller and I never intend to get
that far away from him while driving. :o)
With the Cheap Controller (C6C)
and a Sabertooth Motor controller
I don't think you can go wrong with the price of both parts.
I'll post a video of R2 in the street when I get a few more things completed,
He's not ready for any real exercise yet.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

12v. vs 24v.

I've been trying to run my scooter motors on 24v., Which they
are designed to run.
But the power is just too much.
I'm going to try running them on 12v. which responds and moves much
better too me.
I'm going to order 2- 12v. 22amp batteries after the holidays and wire
them for 12v.
These batts should give me enough run time even though it will be 12v.
I have some emails out concerning the motors.
I don't want to damage the motors are run them too hot, So when the emails
return I'll let everyone know what I've learned.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rear Logic Complete

I finally got that ding-dang rear logic working.
The wiring process is what kept throwing me off.
So, If anyone needs to wire this thing through the 24v. converter
here's how it wires:

Run the 12v. neg./pos. from the 12v. Batt. to the Pic Flasher.
Run a 2 jumpers from the Flasher pos/neg to the 24v. input on
the converter neg/pos. This will supply the power for both items.
Run a 24v. pos. wire from the output of the converter to the rear logic.
The output 24v. neg. on the converter is not used.
And believe it or not it works.

Everyone was telling me how to wire Leon's rear logic, But it was not working
for me.
And after I burnt up the rectifier on the pic flasher, I tried my own setup.
I'm glad this is over, It was a pain :o)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Voltage Regulator

My regulator arrived today.
This will convert 12v. to 24v. for Leon's rear logic display.
The regulator is adjustable so I will need a better Multimeter
to get the voltage correct.
Since I always give credit where it's do, This is one of Chris James
The regulator can be purchased on Ebay and it ships from China.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dome Side Light

Before anyone ask me, I have no idea what this light is called :o)
If anyone knows the name, Please let me know.
In the movie at the cave with the Ewoks, R2 gets zapped by one of the
Storm Troopers and goes CRAZY. As the dome turns you will see this red light
I had planned to place a small LCD screen in this area so it would flash red
and if you push one of the dome buttons it would show pictures and video.
That will have to come later.
These two pics show the light off/on. When it's off the panel is like a mirror
and you can't see inside the dome. The pics are kinda crappy, But you get the idea.
And the LEDs don't show that bad in person, The camera makes them really show up.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Wiring

I did some more wiring today and installed 2 main power switches.
The switches are setup as: 1 for 12v. and 1 for 24v.
We put the 2 switches inside one of the large doors for easy access.
The only thing left is to run the wires inside the legs and I'm hunting a
good master connector for the charge plug, speakers and the flashing red lights
in the front skin. The master connector will allow me to remove the front skin
and unplug 1 master instead of a lot of small connectors.
Everything is run through the fuse box and I'll experiment with different size fuses
to see what will be the correct size for each item.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Door Magnets

I added magnets to the rest of the doors and everything looks good except 1 door.
I noticed when I cut the doors open from the original aluminum skins, The aluminum
seems to have a little tension on it when you cut the parts apart.
So this door doesn't want to close completely. Maybe the servo will keep it tighter
when I get to this part.

Anyway, Here's where I stand in the build.
Once he's complete, I'll dirty him up to look like the Empire Strikes Back R2.

Monday, December 08, 2008

One More Video

I put a set of 12v. 10amp batteries in a 24v. configuration and what a power difference. He was so strong I had to reset the C6C and the Sabertooth to get a smoother start. Setting the C6C can be alittle odd since all settings are set by pushing different buttons on the PS2 controller.
Hey, The table got run over once and I got run over 3 times. And believe me, R2 has quite a bit of strength and started pushing me around pretty good :o)

Now that the settings are correct, I've got to get the ankles locked and get a few things done. Hopefully by Sunday, I'll be able to get him to the street and do
some more testing.

Anyone useing the C6C, I suggest you read the manual or you'll get run over
like me and the table!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Added More Wiring

I added the Voltage regulator into my system for the C6C to obtain
power from my 12v. batteries. You can buy these at Walmart for $10.00
and it has a switch which allows you to select the votage you need.
I set mine to 7.5 volts. I have one of these in my dome to power the Vex
Micro and it works fine.
I also picked up a Pelican wireless Ps2 remote and it works Great.
So far range tested on the remote is 40 feet, More than enough.

Once all is wired, I plan to add two main switches to the system.
One for the 12v. and one for the 24v.
I will also add some relays to switch between charging and run time.
More to come :o)

2nd Test Video

Ok, Here's a short video of R2 moving with both feet.
It's not much But I don't have much room in my junk room to move around and the wires
are hanging all over the back of him right now.

I still need to work on the controlls as it's still alittle touchy on the remote.
I've got to lock the outter ankles in place because they want to jump as I aply
I'm running for now 1- 12v. 4.5amp battery for both feet.
I'll get the other batteries ready today.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

1st Test

I did a little test to see if my wiring was going to be OK and in
the pic you can see I've got one foot motor connected to a small
12v. 4.5amp battery.
As soon as I gave R2 a little juice from the PS2 controller he jumped and turned
to the right. Which is what I was hoping would happen.

One thing I did notice, The C6C has a adjustable throttle and it needs to be turned down. And this is possible with this little board.
I have more wiring to do and still have work to do on 1 of the legs,
But maybe soon I'll be able to take him for a spin.
I have some large 24v. Scooters and I'm going to borrow the batteries from them,
So I can give R2 a fair amount of power for the test run.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Electronic Locations

I started installing the motor drivers and the C6C.
1st, I cut another piece of Plexiglas as a base for everything to mount
and tried to set the parts in the best spot.
I need some more white wire clips and some other goodies, But at least it's started.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More Goodies

These 2 pics show the C6C (PS2 Controller) that I plan to use to control R2's
feet, Dome and Utility Arms. I've ran the controller for a few hours on the dome to
see if it can handle use for a long period of time. And it seems to be up to the job.

The Sabertooth 2x25 amp controller came in today.
I will use this to run the 24v. foot motors and I have a Syren 10 to run the dome motor.
If all goes well and I'm lucky, I may have R2 ready for a test run this weekend.
I still have to order the 2- 12v. 20 amp batteries that I have made room for in R2.
These should supply more than enough power to run the feet.
I have 2- 12v. 4.5 amp batts that will supply power for the small stuff.