Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Pics

My wife and Daughter is going to KILL ME, But I could'nt resist.

This was our Hotel room, It was'nt bad But I don't think we'll use this Hotel again. It was alittle too noicey for our taste.

And as usual my wife had her Camcorder going.

More Fx Pics

Fx Show Pics

We had a wonderful time at the show. There was Storm Troopers, Resident Evil Guys and some people I did'nt know what they were dressed like.
We meet Kenny Baker and his Mrs. Baker and they were very nice.
Most of the signing was done by Kenny and Darth Maul ( Ray Parker )
All the other guest were not doing half as much as these two.
I got R2's back door signed and my wife got her Action figure signed by Darth
and she got her R2 card signed.

Friday, January 26, 2007

PSI Color

Here's the link:
The camera shows the hot spot real bad, But in person you can't hardly
see it with your eyes. I don't know why the camera picked it up so much.

Finally Pics

My comp is still down, But I have the chance to post alittle.
I backed out of having the side panels open. I was not having any luck
at getting the hinges correct, Maybe once I'm better at this I'll release the panels
and try again.
But R2 is starting to look the way he's suppose to look. Once I get the Holos and get the eye painted, He will look even better.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Panel mounting

I used the Silicone to mount the PSI skin on the dome.
It Silicone bonded fine, But the clamps slightly damaged the paint on the panel.
So the other panels I used the VHB tape, Which I liked much better.
No clean up and the panels feel very well bonded.
I can't post any pics, Because my crappy comp crashed again!!!
Once I get a new comp, I'll post pics of my progress.
I may not have alot to post for the next week, The Fx Show in Orlando
is next weekend and I'm preparing for the small vacation.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Domes Bonded

Today we took the dome down from the ceiling and my wife ( Brenda )
cleaned all the extra Silicone out of the grooves and around the panels.
It looks like the bond turned out OK.
Everything looks good, I still have 1 Pie that is hitting at the bottom but I
think I can adjust it.
One thing I learned about using Silicone: It's very thick stuff and you'll have to force the domes
together here and there. But it gives you plenty of time to adjust.
Cleanup was pretty easy, She used a dental pick and a xacto knife to remove the extra.
I'm attaching some of the panels now with the Silicone. Some of it got on the paint and I'll know tommorrow if it damages the paint.
I'll have pics soon.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good news - Bad news

Well, I guess I'll live, But I bonded my dome today and not 30 minutes after the Holos
came on sale.
I'm glad I got them this time, But I sure wish I'd got them 30 minutes earlier.
My dome is hanging from a hook in the ceiling and I won't touch it for 2 days.
When I do I'll post some pics.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bad Weather Blues

Today I was going to bond the domes, But the weather turned cold and rainny.
So I will wait a day and try again. I'm really nervous about this step and I want the best
day for this to happen. I'm scared the Silicone may react to the moisture in the air.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Change of Plans

Ok, I wanted to wait until I got my Holos to bond my dome together.
But I was practicing the steps of bonding the dome and noticed that my Pie's
were very easy to get out of position when I sat the outter dome back on for bonding.
So, Today I will buy more Silicone and bond the dome together.
I hope this does'nt cause alot of problems down the line ( Which I expect it too )
Mounting other items will be alot more of a problem, But I can't continue working
if I don't bond.
As soon as it dries, I'll post some pics.
Man, I hate this change in my plan, But this is how things go sometimes.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pie's Attached

Ok it dried enough for me to open the Pies.
I still have'nt cleaned up anything yet, But took the pics anyway.
I have 1 Pie that is hitting the outter dome at the bottom.
I know what's wrong, With the outter dome not bonded yet it's alittle high in that area.
Once I bond the 2 domes, This should go away.
Also I have not fine tuned the panels yet.
The button in the center of the dome needs to have a spacer to raise it up higher and I have'nt centered it yet.
The Pie for the Periscope is just taped in place and the 1 for the Holo is just sitting on the dome.

What a Mess

If you ever want to see just how sloppy and unstraight something is, Take a PIC!!!
I've got cleaning to do and some aligning to do, But as bad as it looks.
Those Pie's open very smooth and hold they're position.
I can't show the outside right now, Because 1 Pie is not dry yet.
So in the long run, If you do better than my mess.
Your panels will be no problem.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pie Pains

I don't have any new pics yet, But I wanted to caution you guys about the Pies.
I notice when I attached a couple of pies to the dome, I did it not on the dome ring.
When I sat the dome back on the ring, The setting changed alittle.
Luckly my hinge holes are alittle large and this allowed me to reposition the hinge.
It was'nt much, But I'm doing the best I can on the dome.
Once I get the other Pies hinged, I'll post some pics of my mess.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Front Logics
I got the front Logics mounted.
I've got to set the outer panel, So it looks alittle off right now.
I predrilled the Aluminum surround and screwed them to the inner dome.
Then I mounted the logics with double sided tape.
You can tell from the pic, That the Logics are alittle large and caused the top Logic to be
alittle high. But the bottom looks fine and thats the one that will have the message on it.