Saturday, February 28, 2009

MegaCon Saturday

Getting my R2 driver lesson in a live audience.
I did Ok and I didn't run over anyone, But I almost ran over Aaron.
He was my spot man and R2 took off and almost got him in the foot.
Sorry Aaron :o)

The Trooper on the right is a fellow I know from my local Hobby shop.
I didn't know it was him until after the picture was taken and he removed
his helmet.

R2 was having a ball meeting all kinds of characters and he behaved like a good droid
should around so many people.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

MegaCon Setup

Well, We made the trip to MegaCon without any problems :o)
Here's some pics from the 1st day of setting up for the show.
There will be many more pics as the event goes forward.
Some pics will be here on my blog and some will be posted on
Brenda's blog.
More to come!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to R2 in the Box

He's all mounted and ready for MegaCon!!!
Now as long as the box holds up we will actually be ready for the trip.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finished Boxes

The boxes are complete, Well as far as they go for now.
We replaced the back door with 3/4 particle board and it's strong enough
to run the droids on it as a ramp.
We put the eyelets in the bottom to strap the droids in place and we have some
wood cut to stop the wheels from rolling.
The boxes are not weatherproof, But they will protect the droids.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Plexi Installed

The plexiglass worked out pretty nice.
We also added a aluminum safety band around the sides just incase R2
tries to run away.
The plywood door/ramp on the back I'm not happy with and will change it
this weekend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Da Ding Dang BOX!!!!

We got the plexiglass today and we'll get it installed soon.
We also tested the box and loaded it with 150 pounds.
The box itself held up GREAT!!!!, But the Ding Dang eyelets
are giving. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew this would be my weak spot.
At 150 lbs they are pulling in slightly, But my droid doesn't weigh
this much so I think for the MegaCon trip it will be OK.
After the trip I'll change out the 5/16 rods for 1/2 rods with 1/2 eyelets.
I just can't spend anymore time on this project

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now It's Da Boxes

Yep, I got 2 standing now and I installed the top in 1 of them.
The Plexiglass is ordered and I'll pick it up tomorrow.
We also found some cable at the shop, So we'll make our own lift cables.
WORK, WORK, WORK, That's all I have time for now.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

More on Da Box

All 4 threaded rods are installed and the bolts are countersunk.
We also attached the eyelets to the top for lifting onto the truck.
I hate to say it, But if anything fails on this box it will be the eyelets.
The threaded rods are 5/16 and the eyelets are too, But I'm just not sure if that's enough.
We also got it mounted on the 3" caster today.
Tomorrow if the rain stops, We can cut the top and start on the other box.
Monday, I will get the cables and I'm going to call about the Plexi for the side panels.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shipping box

I mounted the floor in the box today and got some of the bolts countersunk.
It's made from 3/4 particle board and is very strong.
Under the floor I will mount another 3/4 plate where the casters will mount
and this will give more than enough strength for the casters.

I didn't notice but my aluminum channel is 2x2 instead of 1-1/2.
Now you would think I would have noticed this ;o)
I need to get some more bolts and the threaded rods for the corners.
The only thing I'm not sure how to make is the cable lift for the top.
I need to find out, How you attach 4 cables to a eyelet so the crane will
have something to hook.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ewok Captuered!!!!!!

Started building 2 R2 shipping boxes for the MegaCon vacation
and look what I caught, A LOOSE EWOK!!!!!!
And the trap was'nt even finished :o)

The aluminum rails are 1-1/2 rails and the box measures
31 x 33 x 48. All we need now is the threaded rod for each corner
and to countersink all the bolts.
Once this is finished I can add the sides, bottom and top.
The threaded rods will go from top to bottom and out the top will
be 4 eyelets for a cable system.

Once the box is finished, I'll put the Ewok in the box and see how
the crane lifts the box onto my truck.
More to come.