Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video Panel

Here's a preview of how the side panel will work in R2's dome. My camera really did not do the screen justice, It looks allot better than this video. I'm placing red in between each picture so I don't stray to far away from the red in the real R2.
It will be a interesting addition to my R2.
Now just to get it mounted :o)

Mini MegaCon!!!!!

Yep, That's wahat I said :o)
The group has been invited to Mini MegaCon in Orlando Florida.
It's on August 22nd and 23rd.
While we were at Ancient City Con here in Jacksonville, Brenda
was approached by a member of MegaCon and asked us to setup again.
I'm so glad they were impressed with our last setup and this will
give our group a chance to be together again.

So, Once we get this going I'll post some pics and video :o)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Possible Upgrade?

Here's something I've been looking at for a long time.
This little picture frame displays digital pictures at random
and it was only $20.00. The displays that 4D systems run about $200.00.
This would be mounted in the dome where the red light on the side of R2
flashes when he's been supposedly damaged.
I have the red lights now, But it doesn't flash.

I took this display apart to see how it was made and it comes apart real easy.
It consists of a LCD screen, Motherboard and battery.
To mount the display I would have to make a small frame and the
display is almost the perfect size. It's the right height and only 1/8 inch
to short in width.
The Motherboard has a small ribbon to the screen and it would have to be mounted
on a styrene plate. The battery is no problem.

The major problem is the power button which is made into the side of the Motherboard. I could remove the button and solder a line so it could be
switched by the dome bump buttons I already have installed.

I'm not sure if it's worth the work, But it would be NEAT!!!
Let me know what you guys think :o)

Ancient City Con

We went with the 501st to the Con here in Jacksonville and it was GREAT!!!
There was more people than I expected and a wide verity of events.

I did noticed something about R2,
The floor inside the area had carpet that was slightly padded and
R2 was having some problems moving around.
I have him wired for 12v. which makes him very smooth at takeoff and
gives him enough top end speed.
But on the carpet I had to run him full speed to move around at a good speed.
24v. would have been a better voltage and the carpet would not effect him.
But at 24v. he is very jumpy and too fast.
Not sure how to address this problem and I really don't want 24v.

Anyway, Brenda will post some pics of the event on her blog.
It was fun and next week we will be at the Football Stadium driving our
droids around just for fun.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Banner

If everyone has noticed, Brenda and I have new banners.
Jon was nice enough to make these for us and we both love them.
Thank you so much Jon!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

He's up again!!!!

R2 is back on his feet and we took both droids out for a drive. We have a event to go to next Saturday and I was starting to wonder if R2 would be ready, And he's ready.

Friday, July 03, 2009


I repainted the rear door due to my bad attempt to weather it.
And I added the power coupler. The coupler will need some touch up
because the tape pulled some of the blue off.

I also added another charge port inside R2.
This port charges the 2 smaller batteries that run the electronics.
I thought about doing away with these 2 batteries, But I have not had any problem
with battery life. So I'm leaving them in there.