Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ARC32 Micro

I ordered this board today and if I can get the programming figured out, It will become R2's main brain.
This board can control 32 servos and also has the ability to use sensors and a Ps2 controller.
With this many servo ports, I should be able to get all the doors, panels and other goodies working.
The nice thing is this board will allow me to remove the 12 channel remotes used for sound control and light functions.
These functions will become part of the Ps2 controller through code.
I'll post more when it arrives.


Mega was real blast this year as the Southern R2 Builders Group joined forces with the Rebel Legion.
Our joint efforts made the booth Awesome!!!!
Next year I think we will join again and see if we can out do what we did this year.