Monday, December 31, 2007

Battery Locations

I have several locations for batteries to be mounted.

On each side of R2 under the side panels, I can mount 2-12v. batteries. 1 on each side.

On top of the center foot mount, I can mount 2-12v. batteries. This is probly where I'll mount the batteries for the 24v. scooter motors. I still have the mounts in the battery boxes, So I could mount 2 more batteries there also.

The 2 Black lights on each side of the main panel (which is removed right now) will only be used when I'm showing off the guts.

Dome Electronics

As you can see in the pic, I have used more Vex hardware inside the dome. I will add more flat panels, So the entire top is closed.
Below the flat panels is where the Slipring will transfer main power.
The power strips I will change to a smaller version.
So far, everything in the dome is 12v. execpt the Holo - 9v. and the rear logic 24v.
The rear Logic, I will controll the 12v LED board with the 12ch, But the power to the main board will have to be direct from the 24v. batteries.
The 12ch. has more than enough controlls for the dome and the Vex will work with the 12ch. to controll the Periscope, Servo for the front Holo,
and the 4 servos for the Pie Panels.
Wiring from the electronics to the actual dome,
I will add power connectors so I can disconnect the dome and sit it to the side if I need to get inside.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

12 Ch. Remote

Here's my 1st attempt to getting the dome going.

I used the 12 ch. Remote from Ebay to turn on the lights and it will also tie into the Vex to control the periscope and other items in the dome.

When I press button #1 - I can turn the PSI's on/off , Press button #2 - turns the small logics on/off , Press button #3 - triggers the Builders Club display , Press button #4 - turns Holo on/off.

And I still have more options. Once I get everything figured out, I'll disconnect the little beeping speaker on the 12 ch.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New PSI's

This is the New PSI's that Mike V. offered to the group and these things are AWESOME!!!

I should have took a pic before I installed them to show how he made them. But they're round PC boards with the LEDs built right in the board and they control front and rear PSI's.

They also have a jumper that controls the LEDs, It sets it for Flash, Fade or both at the same time. I'll post a video of the back as soon as I get it installed.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Vex vs 12 Channel Remote

This is an idea I was trying to explain about this 12 Ch. On my R2, There are simple things I need to control by remote.
1. Raising/lowering Periscope
2. Turning various lights on/off
3. Rotating front Holo
4. Changing display on Front Logics
5. Maybe Open/Close Pie Panels
6. Etc.
I experimented with my Vex and hoped not to burn it up and I was in luck. I ran a servo cable from the remote Ch. 1 into Dig. I/O 6 I set the Ch. 1 on the remote to toggle on/off. This allows me to turn a motor on/off.
Now that I know I can wire thing this way, I can set up the Vex and the 12 Ch. remote to activate items in the dome.
Somethings will not need to pass through the Vex as the 12 Ch. can handle things by itself. This may not be a GREAT deal for some that know coding, But for me its an AWESOME project.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vex Work

I started back on my Vex setup and went with a very basic code for right now.
Chris James knows away to code 2 Vex and use 1 controller. I need to contact him and see if this is something I can figure out and I may go this route.
This would make it nice to run the body off 1 Vex and the dome off another Vex.

I went to Radio Shack and bought a battery connector, So I can run the Vex off a 12v. battery with a Universal power supply. The supply allows me to convert the 12v. down to 7.5v.
I did this because I'm trying to eliminate so many different batteries in R2.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Slow time Again

I haven't done much the last few days, But I'm helping my wife get her R3 further along.
Also, The Walgreen's lights did work and look wonderful, But you need a solid dome not a clear dome to hide all the extra wire.

It is a very good idea from 1 of the other builders, But won't work for her dome.

I've had some CRAPPY luck here lately, Between being in the Hospital and our car's
head gasket went out.
So I might not have allot of progress to post.