Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rear Door

The coin returns are in the back door now. I made the returns myself from leftovers from the skins.
So they're not perfect, But they'll be good enough for me.
I'll put the finish paint coat on when the door is complete.

Jason's Sneeky Gift

I did'nt know these were coming in the mail, But I got a GREAT SURPRIZE!!!!
These are for the channel in the top of the Aluminum feet that Krider had built.
Thanks Jason, I owe you one!!!

Restraining Bolt

I missed the run for these, But as faith be, Nick Murray had some leftovers and I got one anyway.
My lucky day!!!!

Vent Surrounds

Got the Wayne Orrs' surrounds and they're GREAT.
Can't wait to get them into R2.