Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Here's a small preview of how a may run my Logitech Gamepad.
The pic does'nt show all the buttons and with code I can make each
button do something different by holding another button down.
I'll figure it out as I write the code.

Video of Phidgets

The video is pretty bad quality and I shake quiet allot.
But it will show you how the program works and the servos
are controlled by my Logitech Gamepad.
I still have a long way to go with the code and more parts
to order. When I have everything going, This is how it should
turn out:
Driving R2
Moving all doors and accessories on R2
Sound with volume control
The gamepad combined with the program will allow me to
combine buttons, So running out of remote buttons is not
likely to happen.
The Gamepad is also locked to the droid, So interference
has less chance of happening. After R2 has received this
1st setup, I may look at adding my Webcam as I originally
planned, Then I can get a upfront view of what R2 sees.
All this will take a long time to program, But I think it
will be worth the struggle in the end.
More to come.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Day!!!!!

This is a huge jump for me and the code I've been working on lately.
I have worked the code down to a small package and it works everytime.
All I need to do now is add more button code to the program and I'll be able
to control R2 with my gamepad. I also noticed today the gamepad has
an auto off feature built in and when I'm not driving R2 around it will shut down
and conserve the battery in the gamepad. When you need the pad again it is
really fast about restarting.
If anyone wants a copy of the code I'm working on just ask and I'll send it
to you.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Small Update

I'm still working on C# and it is quite a lot to learn.
I've been getting help from Indy, Alex and Adren.
Indy was able to write a code that can be placed within
a code that you have written. Although my attempt has failed
time after time, I'm still working at it.
Indy intergrated his code and Alex's code and I can work
2 servo's with my Gamepad using this code.
And it's amazing to see how precise and acurate the setup is working.
The Phidgets are a more expensive way to get everything moving,
But if 1 Phidget controller goes down I won't lose everything
at 1 time. So it does have some benefits.
SeeYa Later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

1st Phidget

While studying my Visual Basic, The postman brought my 1st Phidget home.
It's pretty small and controls 4 Servos through a computer.
All though there are boards out there now that control many more
servo than the Phidget, I plan to stay with Phidgets.
This board I will use to control my 2 large skin doors and the
CPU arm and what ever I put in the other door.
More to come.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Learning Curve

I'm slowly studying Visual C# and playing around with Microsoft Robotics.
I got the M.R. working with my Logitech remote and hope to get more working soon.
I'm going to order the Phidgets 4 Servo controller this weekend and see if I can
get the M.R. to control the servos through the Phidget.
If all goes well, Hopefully oneday R2 will run on his onboard computer.