Saturday, January 22, 2011

Large Data Port

I installed the back in the LDP today.
I've noticed this seems to be a popular place for kids to stick
fingers and other items, So I closed it.
I was going to paint the aluminum plate black, But I really like
the aluminum finish as it goes with my dome.

More Panel Work

I added Leds to the lower area and here's a video of them working.
Not much, But it adds some flash to the panel. There will be more
Leds coming soon.

Restraining Bolt Panel

I've been working on the Panel behind the Restraining Bolt door.
This panel is made by A&A and it's really nice.
I did have to adjust the depth of the panel to clear the door hinges.

I found the little red buttons at Radio Shack and I need to paint the nuts black.
I'm adding black screen to each side of the panel, You can see the top part.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Side Work

I mounted the Side Vents on R2 and made the Flat Plate for the bottom of the skins.
The Plates, I need to paint white and they are bolted from the bottom of the frame.
The Vents are some I bought along time ago from Mark.
They are not perfect and the only way I could mount them was to add small screws to each corner. Later I will countersink the screw holes and get some better screws.
I also need to add screen behind each vent so you can't see inside.
The 2 black Push Pins hold them skin in place and I'll paint them white.
Maybe in the future I will find a insert and use 2 Allen Button screws instead.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Frame Upgrades

Ok, It's been quite awhile since I posted anything new, But I'm getting back to working on R2 again. I haven't felt like messing with R2 so it came to a stop.
Anyway, Jag (Jerry Green) had sent me a present awhile back and I finally started installing it. The top plate is now aluminum.
I did this to stop the dome from bouncing around and also to improve the strength of the A&A frame. I also plan to replace the 2nd to the bottom ring.
This will give me a solid top and bottom. I will replace the threaded rod with aluminum dowels. This will be a Hybrid A&A frame and will be very strong.