Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lookin' Better

I got more done today than I expected. Still got along way to go, But I was very happy the way it has turned out so far. I have very few pits in the bondo to fix and then I'll prime that gray area. I stuck the aluminum part on to see what it would look like, But I have alot more work and paint in this area. So seeya later!!!

More E-11 Work

In these Pics, You can see how the Blaster is starting to look more correct.
I have the clamps in place till the glue dries and once this is done, I can start the bondo work on the bad spots. For the bullet magazine, I used a old Dreamcast memory can box. It fit the area perfect and all I have to do is build up the sides for a complete box.
The counter was ordered on Ebay and I took the window and the number counter out of the assembly and added it to the gun. The number is suppose to be 00138, But all I could fit was 1138.
So this is where I stand on this project and will have new pics soon.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

E-11 Blaster Build

Here's the Blaster I'm working on while waiting for R2 parts.
It's a Kenner and I'm converting it to look more like the movie version.
It's in real rough condition right now, Due to all the cutting I had to do.
In the 1st pic, You can see the counter box. I have a counter dial on the way and
will mount it inside the box. I used some Aluminum strap and square tubing to make
the swing arm, But mine will not move. I also need to make the very front part.
I used the same Aluminum strap to make the scope rail, Which you can see in the 2nd
pic is not finished.
Once the counter dial gets here, I'll post more pics.
This is the site I get my ideas from and they do nice work.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm BACK!!!

Vacation is over, It was nice to get away for 1 week and we had allot of fun in Orlando.
So, Now I'm back to waiting for R2 parts and I found a Kenner Storm Trooper Blaster
while I was in Orlando.
When I got home the Blaster Butcher started.
Kenner does a nice job at making the Blaster, But allot of things are not correct and I
got out the Dremel and started making the changes.
I'll post some pics tomorrow.
Anyway it's nice to be back.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Watto !!!!!

Here's a pic of the Ebay Winnings.

Watto is my 1st Lifesize Prop and I can't wait till he gets here. They said he's in good condition, But I had to sign an agreement to fold the wings for shipping. When he arrives I'll see how much damage I have to repair.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

More Leg Work

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
I got alittle work done before the Family Feast started.
The Aluminum Shoulder Rings, I had these made along time ago and they are to spec. A man in California (An ex-racer car driver) has a machine shop and he was nice enough to make these for me. He could'nt believe what I was building.
The Black Spacers come with the A&A Frame and I added some Nylon shims to get the correct bolt size.
You can see in the pics how each piece fits together to leave no unwanted play. I will bolt the Aluminum Shoulder to the leg, Since I do not plan to go with the 2-3-2 movement. The only thing I need to figure out is what type of bolt head do I want down in the leg to bolt to the Sat. motors.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ok now the Hard Stuff

Those holes for the Underarm Details are a pain in the Butt!!!
This is my 1st cut and it's really rough, I'll have to putty and chisel and sand the mud out of this area. And here's a pic of the Hub setting down in it's spot, Just temporary.

Back on the Legs

The Pics show the bottom, center and top panels.
I routed with my Dremel into the bottom panel for the hub to have the correct clearence.
The center panel I cut a slot down the center for the wiring to fit. I was going to insert an Aluminum tube down this area for added strength, But it was taking up to much room.
The top panel is Birch, This will give me a nice smooth finish to the outside.
Oh yeah, The hole saw showed up!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Battery Boxes

Started fitting the Boxes to the Krider foot and the hose fittings. I cut a keyhole into the battery box, So I can remove the boxes as needed.

Most people cut the keyhole into the foot instead of the box, But I want to add some battery trays inside the boxes for the batteries to slide into the boxes and have nothing sticking into this area so I did the process backwards. Still need to get the feet welded, But I'm trying to get a nice fit first.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Motor Mods

Still waiting for the Holesaw, So I decided to work on the foot motors again. I'm removing some of the weight from the mounts while not removing any of the strength from the design.
Around the motor area there was no need for the Aluminum plate to surround the motor so I removed this area. At the rear of the top plate I angled this area to fit alittle better in the foot and the small square tube beside it, I'm cutting to the shape of the top plate for the Omni-Wheel to bolt to this area. You can see where it will be mounted by the clamp holding it in place.
The front area around the wheels, I removed a small portion to give the wheels alittle more room. Next week I'll order the Omni-Wheels for this and hopefully be able to finish this part.