Monday, September 22, 2008

Looky Looky!!!!!

Look what I got in the mail today!!!!!
A Chance Cube!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!
Jason made this for my Watto and it looks GREAT!!!!!
Watto will be so happy and maybe he'll win this time.
Dude, you really got that weathering thing down.
I need you here to weather my R2D2, Because I know he would look AWSOME!!!
I owe you one and I'll find something you need.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Moons are Showing

The feet are starting to look better each day.
I bolted the moons to the side panel and installed
4 aluminum plates around the inside.
The plates will keep the side plate from shifting when installed
on the foot. I will add a clamp mount to each end, So I can remove the
panels to tighten the Ankle bolts.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Foot Work

I started working on my Krider Budget feet today.
I used Goop to attach the details to the side panels and once this dries,
I'll attach the side moons.
I still need to get the feet welded and a aluminum channel added, But
this is about all I have to complete on the actual body.
Once everything is complete, I will tear R2 back down and make the final
adjustments. After this, All I need is to wire R2 and finish the computer
and he'll be running around.
At least I hope he'll be running around.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Fuse Block

This is a Blue Sea fuse block (Marine Grade).
On all my wiring and connections I will be using M.G., It's just a better grade
and has more protection against corrosion.
In the pics you can see the inside of the block and if it shows good enough,
You can see where I cut the main power bar to separate for a 24v. and a 12v.
power supply. I did want to have 2 fuse blocks for different voltages.
The other pics show how the block looks from the front and the fuse is in
1 of the 24v. connections. There will be 2 connections for 24v. and these are for
the foot motors. There's also a nice protective cover that shows in the pics.
In the long run I will have:
2- 24v. connections
8- 12v. connections.