Monday, June 26, 2006

Rough Cutting Panels

I rough cut some of the side panels.
These will get hinged and be able to open/close
with servos.
That area to the far right will have a red light.
I've contacted a company that has an acrylic and when its not lit it will look like mirror. which I will have to dull down alittle.
But when the light comes on, it will show red.

More Buttons

I also used the same buttons on R2.
Once I get the dome finished, I'll give it a nice cleaning
so it will shine like new.
I'm not sure what the buttons will do right now, But I'll have them ready.
I got the buttons from:
They're GREAT people to buy from and shipping is very fast.

R2 Computer Button

I decided to use this button for the on/off switch on R2 Pc.
The ring around the center will light up blue.
I've still alot of work to do and I have parts on order for this project, But it will get there oneday.

Monday, June 12, 2006

R2 Computer

I made some improvements to the computer Dome, Not much but alittle.
Painted the Pie Panels and got the rear logic surround in place.
This dome won't be good enough for a R2 , But for a computer its fine.
Still alot of work to do.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Got some more parts for R2.
Boosters for the legs and the Shoulder Hubs
and the Leg Struts.

Coin Return

I also got the coin return installed and the front blue vent installed.
Slow but getting there.

Vent Surrounds

I got the Surrounds installed and once I'm finished with the front skins.
Then I will repaint the skins and install the vents in the surrounds.
Going to order the coin slots next week and install them as soon as they arrive.