Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scrubby Update

I installed the 2 black screws in the front of Scrubby and in the next
pic you can see I have all the buttons on the side and the side hoses
painted silver.
The last pic shows the small green Pc board that goes on one side only.
Still got more to do, But he's getting there.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

M & A Sound System

R2 will finally have SOUND!!!!!
Thanks to Muzz and Alex for their hard work putting this system together
for everyone. You can find the tutorial here: M&A Sound
The parts are inexpensive and is not a hard task to put together.
I put my setup in a small black box to keep everything tidy.
I still have some work to do and that's why I have the Vmusic taped into place for now.
I need to order the amplifier kit to make it louder and I kept it out of the main box because most amps build heat and that's not good for the other electronics.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Real Scrubber

Here's a couple pictures of the real Scrubber Droid.
I get most of my Ref. from Stick Monkeys site.
I'm close, But not perfect.
Some of the parts I can't seem to find and I have to substitute it with
something close.

Scrubber Goodies

I applied the chrome tape to the edges, It looks a little shinier than the
ref. pictures but I think it is correct because the bands across the top are
The lights are a little large, But they were all I could find.
The hoses on the front worked out nice.
I think the ones the used in the movie were the old foil type hoses and I can't
find that type anywhere.
The red buttons on each corner will get painted, The 2 in the front will be yellow
and will have the 2 deer whistles on top.
The 2 buttons in the rear will be silver and have some type of goodie on one and a satellite on the other.
I may add a surround to the eye to get it closer.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Old Yeller

I think that was as YELLOW as we could get it.
There's some touchup to be done, But in all and all it looks, Well YELLOW.
After it dries we can get all the goodies on it and it should look pretty close.

Scrubber Priming

We got the Scrubber primed and it's not looking to bad.
There's a few areas that could be better, But I'm not going that far into the build.
After the primer dries, We can untape and start preparing for the yellow paint.
I think the hardest part will be getting those black and yellow stripes near the bottom of the scrubber correct.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

501st Event

We meet up with the 501st at the old Jacksonville Library yesterday.
We took the droids and the 501st was in outfit and had a GREAT time!!!
It was my 2nd time driving R2 and playing with the kids.
Everything went well except for the fact that I was R2 was chasing one of the
Storm Troopers around and R2 ran into a concrete pole.
No damage except a small scratch on the horseshoe.
People were all over R2, Hugging and showing how much the love that little guy.
Now that we're able to go with the 501st to events, R2 will become more active.
Brenda will probly have some pictures on her site.