Friday, May 19, 2006

R2 Outter Legs

This is how I intend to build my legs .
Not a great pic, but it will have to do.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Project

I purchased a plastic dome when I first started R2.
Now I have an Aluminum R/J dome.
So I decided to use the plastic dome for another project.
It will become my new Computer.
I'll paint it and add the parts to make it look like R2.
Just something to work on while waiting for parts.

Vex Layout

In the pic, You can see the front Ultrasonic. It will be used to control the front Holo.
It will provide: up/down and left/right movement when it's activated.
The Left Ultra.
It will provide: Turning the dome to the left, Then pausing for 3 seconds and return to forward view, When it's activated.
The Right Ultra.
It will provide: Turning the dome to the right.
The wheel on the top just gives me an idea of how the dome will rotate.
The 2 servos next to the wheel.
They're the ones that will move the Holo.

Vex System

Got this stuff from Radio Shack on sale 50% off, So I decided to use it in R2 for random movement of the Holo's and the Dome.