Monday, November 14, 2005

A&A Frame Side View

I've installed the Sat. motors and below them I installed 2 small subs for sound.
I also installed 2 Batts. in the lower area to power the Sat. motors.

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Bob F said...

Just commenting 'cause I can. Why the heck not? I'm a Filmmaker, Droidbuilder in Portland Maine, and this picture reminds me of my nascent digi-demon, "Bad Dog" the shiny black astro-mite droid that survived the DeathStar explosion by hopping a ride on a departing Space Tug, (a 'JetPig' tug) by having had the temerity and insight to read the tealeaves that Governor Tarkin left laying about unconsidered. Like a Rat-droid, wisely evacuating an unstable employment situation, BD has floundered his way to Earth and is slowly reforming his evil ways, maybe.

Anyway, I didn't see a place to sign your blog, so I did this. Saw your link on the R2 Builders lists, and dropped in to see your toys. Looks like you're having a lot of fun! I have fallen back into my StarWars addiction lately, too. I went to Ep VI dressed as "Jokuhl, The Giant Jedi Jawa", with a slick, two-saber rig and the spirit of a 13-year old (That was around 1977). My balsa 'Falcon' and 'Star Destroyers' have become more valuable to me than I could possibly have imagined, and I can Imagine quite a bit. I found an 8-track tape called 'The best of Disco', by the Salsoul Orchestra in a drawer full of greasy and rusty nails, etc, which features a cheesy knockoff of the Meco Starwars Rock Theme, and it is also now one of my most prized relics, being one of those really arcane collectibles that you don't even SEE in the pricing books. That, and my SST- Ford Econoline Van with the DarthVader 'VanArt' on the side. You just can't make this stuff up!

AH! I needed that! A good, geekazoid-ramble.. Wish me luck on my Sub-R-Series droid-ette. Will post pix when I can.