Monday, June 26, 2006

More Buttons

I also used the same buttons on R2.
Once I get the dome finished, I'll give it a nice cleaning
so it will shine like new.
I'm not sure what the buttons will do right now, But I'll have them ready.
I got the buttons from:
They're GREAT people to buy from and shipping is very fast.


Anonymous said...

I was considering them lately...but still not sure what I would use them for. I'm no electronics wizard, so if I use them, it might only be for show or to power on something. You see? I'm not too bright when it comes to that stuff!!! LOL

Calvin Thomas said...

I'll probly combine them with a relay and turn the lights on/off.
But I'm not sure yet.

Anonymous said...

Just got mine today!!! I'm surprised how perfect they fit!!! I only have the two for the bumps...but I like them so much, that I will definitely use one for the top. I wish I could test them now to see how they look lit up!!! Oh well.