Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dome Panels

I got the 1st coat of primer on the panels.
Not a very good pic, But I had other things to do today.
Soon I'll sand the first coat, then apply another coat.
Once the primer is finished, I'll start the blue finish.


Anonymous said...

Howdy Calvin,
Thanks for sharing your progress, it's cool to see it all coming together. I will look forward to seeing the finished R2 and only regret that 3000+ miles will keep me from seeing it in person :)

Vex0100 on Vexfan
Portland, Or

Hankey01 said...

Thats some dark primer! What kind is it? What paint system (blue) are you going to use?

Calvin Thomas said...

Steve, Thanks for the comments and I'll have more pics up soon.

Calvin Thomas said...

It's Rustoleum Auto Primer.
I used it because it's alittle heavyer than regular primer.
I used the black type to help cover the aluminum, So it would'nt show through.
I'm using the old Krider paint design.
2- Blues and the clear coat.
I got 1 piece finished and it looks like glass, exept something can out of the clear coat can and made a little speck.
I'll see if I can get it out when it dries.