Wednesday, August 23, 2006

R2 Computer Update

I bought some parts from Resin Parts and got them installed on the plastic dome.
It's starting to look like R2 instead of a pile of junk.
It still looks pretty rough right now, But once I get it finished it will look alot better.
I saved alot of stuff for this dome and as I
improve on it, I'll post more updates
This dome would not be good enough for an
R2, But as a computer it's just fine.


Hankey01 said...


Looking GREAT!~ Did u use templates to mark the outlines on the dome? Marker?

Your PC is gonna look better than my R2. :p

Calvin Thomas said...

I used my R&J dome for the markings. I'm not that good at this type of measuring and I sat the dome on top and made the marks.
I tell you, Those guys that do freehand makings. I don't see how they do it!!
A lot of skill in those fellows and I give you my compliments.
Thanks Old Buddy