Monday, September 01, 2008

Fuse Block

This is a Blue Sea fuse block (Marine Grade).
On all my wiring and connections I will be using M.G., It's just a better grade
and has more protection against corrosion.
In the pics you can see the inside of the block and if it shows good enough,
You can see where I cut the main power bar to separate for a 24v. and a 12v.
power supply. I did want to have 2 fuse blocks for different voltages.
The other pics show how the block looks from the front and the fuse is in
1 of the 24v. connections. There will be 2 connections for 24v. and these are for
the foot motors. There's also a nice protective cover that shows in the pics.
In the long run I will have:
2- 24v. connections
8- 12v. connections.


R2D2 Fett said...

Thats what I wanted for mione..but they were too expensive here!

Should work great!!


Calvin Thomas said...

I do like this box and since it was easy to convert to dual voltages, I think it's going to work great.
It was alittle expensive, $54.00.
But it's a quality piece and I guess it's worth the price.