Monday, April 06, 2009

The Real Scrubber

Here's a couple pictures of the real Scrubber Droid.
I get most of my Ref. from Stick Monkeys site.
I'm close, But not perfect.
Some of the parts I can't seem to find and I have to substitute it with
something close.


The life of thomas said...

Hi Calvin....I'm just get back from my latest event with artoo so I haven't been able to write sooner. You did a really great job with the scrubber droid. I'm really impressed once again. Now that I'm finally settled in at my new place I can finally start on my new "mystery droid project" ;)


R2D2 Fett said...

Looks great man! Color is dead on!!

So is he driving around yet?

Calvin Thomas said...

Mystery Droid?
Now your getting as bad as Jason with the sneaky stuff :o)
Make sure you post some pics of your event.

Thanks Dude!!!
I plan to use a the Vex setup for the drive train.
Later I will change the drive motors because the Vex motors are so loud.