Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lcd Mounted

Well, It's temporally mounted in the dome. I wish my camera took better video, But it's all I have to post pics and video. I had to cut the housing on the screen down to get a better fit. The whole frame made it set back to much.
It sure looks good in person and I like it much better than the red Leds.
With alittle more work it will be a GREAT Upgrade for my dome.
I plan to wire it into 1 of the dome bump switches I have on the side
of the dome to turn it on/off.


danf said...

that is so cool! amazing work as usual.

The life of thomas said...

Very cool Calvin....because I'm working on my aluminum dome right now and because I have an over surplus of LCD screens at the moment ;) I plan to "borrow" this idea as well for my artoo


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks guys!!!
If I had time to build a better frame for the Led it would be more flush with the dome.
I'll work on it more after Mini Mega.

R2D2 Fett said...

Thats very cool!!

For sure needs a death star schematic!

Great job!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Jason,
I have 2 pictures of the Death Star inline.
I need to find some more pics and add them in. Currently I have about 35 pics.