Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The UnDead

Wow, it has been along time since I had anything to post.
I'm working on R2's new foot motor holders and his foot shells.
These are the very old Kelly Krider foot shells, I have been putting off working
on them due to the fact that they needed so much work.
Even the center area for the ankle to mount did not come with the foot.

I now have the center ankle area installed and now I'm filing the channel to fit.
all of this stuff I've had put away for a longtime.

Here's another pic.

The new motor brackets will be much stronger and they have the 200w. Scooter motors.

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Anonymous said...

Please keep the posting up! I just discovered your site and I'm reading through it voraciously. I've decided that a good capstone project for me is to build an R2 unit myself, and I'm in the preliminary stages of research and self-education.

I'm a TechShop member here in Austin and have access to a lot of CNC/etc tools that I hope to use.

If I may ask a question, what has been the hardest part? What do you wish you'd have known before you started?

Thanks again! Looking forward to seeing your work!

Jason in Austin