Thursday, December 01, 2005

Front skins

I got the front skin on. I had to use 4 small screws to keep them on the A&A frame, But I hope the legs will hide them. Like I said, I'm not building mine to specs. I'm changing a few things.
Thats why I did'nt paint the inner skin. I like the Aluminum showing through the cracks.
I used Double sided tape to attach the skins together. I did'nt want the JB Weld oozing throught the cracks.

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Hankey01 said...

Good to see a fellow R2Builder's blog! You posted on my blog about the lightsaber...yes it is fun..but I only have one..they are pretty pricey.

Your R2 looks great!! I have bookmarkd your blog...will check in from time to time!