Friday, December 23, 2005

Just some updates pic 2

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jonny5 said...

I see you are using the hard in-line skate type wheels.
Are these what came with your scooters, or did it have
pneumatics that you swapped out to for these?

What diameter are your wheels?
What ground clearance do you have with this setup?

My scooter came with the 6" pneumatic tires.
Placing the K&H budget feet over my upturned scooter
I figure I can get no less than 1" of ground clearance
and that is with the tire almost scraping the top of the foot.

This leave me wondering about the clearance
for the ankle. From the pics on your blog it
looks to me as though you might have to cut
a hole in your top plate to squeek out a bit more
room so the ankle can pivot freely, but there
appears to be sufficeint room for that, and overall
I'd say you have a nice setup.

I'd be interested in any thoughts you have about how
you will be attaching the legs to the feet.