Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vex Layout

In the pic, You can see the front Ultrasonic. It will be used to control the front Holo.
It will provide: up/down and left/right movement when it's activated.
The Left Ultra.
It will provide: Turning the dome to the left, Then pausing for 3 seconds and return to forward view, When it's activated.
The Right Ultra.
It will provide: Turning the dome to the right.
The wheel on the top just gives me an idea of how the dome will rotate.
The 2 servos next to the wheel.
They're the ones that will move the Holo.


Hankey01 said...

Thats gonna be sooooooooo cool!!!

I didn't think this vev woudl handle the dome roation....or I would have considered getting a kit...although I dont think I could have anyways in canada.

What are you using for the feet controls?

Calvin Thomas said...

The motors are not strong enough,
But you can hook the Micro to a Victor motor controller and run a larger motor.
The Sonics add some pretty neat effects to R2.

Anonymous said...

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