Saturday, December 30, 2006

Glorious Hinges

I tell you, Don't use those hinges from McMaster.
There's too much slop in them and they might be cheaper,
But it's not worth it.
I got 2 hinges from and they're perfect.
They cost alittle more, But if you want your panels to stay in place use them.
I placed 2 side by side, The idea I got from Keith and Carolyn.
My panel opens/closes and hooking a servo to it will be alot easier.
I've got some J.B.Weld to clean up, But I had to show these hinges.


Chris said...

Sweet. I love these new hinges and will be placing an order next week if I can get over the sticker shock - but that's par for the course with R2.

Thanks for posting some pictures.

Quick Q - How did you polish up your dome?

Calvin Thomas said...

A lot of sanding, From a 80 grit to 400 grit.
Then I used Mother's Mag Polish and a lot of hand polishing.

Redeye Knight said...

It looks like you made blocks to match the curvature of the dome and make a flat surface for the hinges. I assume you did the same on the inside?

I just purchased some of these as well. Superior to the MMC hinges all around. Weight, appearance, precision, etc. Well worth the money.

Calvin Thomas said...

I used some 3/16 Aluminum spacers to have the flat area for the hinge to bolt/unbolt, But I only did this on the Pie,s not the inner dome area.
And I let the JB weld make up the curve in the Pie area.

Anonymous said...

Yeah those hinges look like the way to go!!Do you plan on painting the backs of the panels? I tried looking for your pics at later dates, but didnt see anything. By the way, Your shiny dome is making me put my dark sunglasses on!!!

Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, It's shiny. But it looks so good out in the sunlight.
The back of the panels, I am going to do something but I'm not sure what yet. I want something different, Something unusual.