Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Infared Video

I wanted to show how the infareds see the mirror mounted on the dome ring .
I know the video is not that great and my hands shake, But you can get the general idea.
When the Vex is first turned on the motor finds the front position.
As the Ultra is blocked, The motor will turn to that side. If the signal is lost it returns to the front position. If the signal is constant, The motor will pause for 2 seconds then return to the front position.


Chris said...

great new video. thanks for sharing. how are you planning on hiding the sensors once you've finished assembling

Calvin Thomas said...

I have'nt decided on the location yet.
I'm thinking of drilling 2 holes in the top of the booster covers, So they can see through.
I may find another area.

Chris said...

Is it the Ultrasonic Range Finder sensor?

is it too bit to go behind the hub with a couple of holes drilled?

Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, I wish they would have used smaller Ultras.
The booster has a flat area that I can drill the holes and try to hide it behind some blue screen.
It won't look screen correct, But I think it will be worth the sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Looking Good!!! The Video is nice.. I can see exactly how it is working.... Rock On!!!

Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks MarkO,
With your help with Vex, It was possible.