Monday, October 20, 2008

A&A Foot Motor Mounts

I started working on my A&A motor mounts and here's where I stand so far.
The bottom 2 pics show how they fit into my Krider Budget feet.
The tires are the new 6x2 inch tires that Andy found on the web.
The next pic shows the motor mounted into the frame.
I used 1/2 Nylon shims instead of the thin metal shims that come with the Scooter motors. The metal shims don't give much support to the motor and I think it will also keep the motor noise more quite.
The top pics shows the belt tensioner I'm working out.
Andy uses a Turn Buckle to adjust the belt, But I wanted something alittle more
exact because this also keeps the wheel in alignment.
More to come.


R2D2 Fett said...

Wow...very nicely done!

Totally put my feet to shame!!


jduffphoto said...

Looks good Calvin. What motors are you using? I'm starting to source parts for feet, but it will be a little while before I'm ready for that area of the build.


Anna said...

Impressive Calvin!!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Guys!!!
I can't take much credit for the setup, Because it's the A&A motor mounts.
I know you do good work, So you can't fool me :o)

Andy S. has a source for these motors, These are the 135w. Motors and my wife is running the 100w. Motors in her R3. Both are Scooter motors.
I think the A&A motor frames are having a problem getting the rims for the pneumatic tires.
You may want to locate a set if your going this route.

David J Barnes said...

Very nice! Diggin it!