Monday, October 27, 2008

Center Foot Casters

In the bottom pic you can see I cut the original skirt plate off the Jag
Steel Feet. The reason I did this was to make room for the 3 inch casters
to turn without hitting the edges. I also cut this part off so I can match
the skirt to my outer feet.
The next pic shows how the plate and the casters are to fit inside the foot.
The next pic shows I left room between the casters so they don't make contact with each other and the next pic shows how they turn outward.
The next pic shows the top of the plates as they go into the foot shell.
The screw type bolts will be changed to regular bolts after I finish fitting everything.
The next pic shows how I redrilled the spots for the shaft couplers to bolt
together. Jag had this set for Omniwheels, But I like the casters better.
So his original holes had to be redrilled.
The last pic shows the bolts holding the caster to the plate. You can see the
screws that go into the top plate.
The idea behind this setup goes as this:
1st - You bolt the A plate inside the foot shell, The screws that hold it together
also bolt the Moons on the side of the foot.
2nd - You bolt the larger outer bolts through the caster and then set it down in the foot shell on top of the A plate.
3rd - You bolt the 4 bolts through the bottom plate into the A plate and this locks the plates together and your done.


R2D2 Fett said...

Looks great..again LOTS of progress!

I hope you casters are quieter than mine! I have one larger one in my middle foot and it squeaks! I have tried wd-40...only helps briefly.

The life of thomas said...

nice work Calvin... The i also used a single in the center foot. Originally i tried 2 casters but because i couldnt get the center foot 100% level. One of them was always just off the ground. None the less it doesnt squeak. One other thing to note is that i used fixed casters (no omniball) in the legs and it gives my artoo very smooth movement in all directions.


Calvin Thomas said...

The caster setup is the one someone on the group came up with.
I think it was Jerry C.
Squeaks, Well you'll just have to Nickname R2 Squeaky :o)

I hope I can get this to work and the A&A motor holders, I think you can only get Omni's in there.

We are having to build Brenda a new center foot, Becuase her foot shell was just not working out.
Watch her blog for the new design.
Thanks for the comments guys!!!!

The life of thomas said...

Good luck Calvin...I'll post some better pictures of my wheel setup when I do my first overhall of the feet. Its a wooden monster of a setup but it works and is sturdy, I hope ;)


Jim Quinlan said...

The center foot to Ankle to casters was probably the hardest things I did to my R2 and it almost pushed me to the brink !

So I was shocked when my final design finally worked and R2 drove nice. I heard Doug D. say the key is making it level but you using double casters gives you some leeway.

I ended up using an extremely large 4" (I have Daniel Clown feet) heavy heavy heavy caster in mine. I ordered it by accident and decided to try it since I had it.

I wanted to stop by and tell you that your R2 is looking good Calvin.

Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Guys,
I'm also adding the skirt to the bottom of all three feet.
My Krider feet never had the skirt and the Jag center foot I removed the small skirt and will add the larger one.

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