Saturday, May 16, 2009

It Works!!!!!!

Well, It finally moves :o)
I had to cut the total length down 1/2 inch and this leaves me with
6 1/2 inches total lift.
All I need now is a dome plate for the inside and I can get it mounted.
The only thing is that Vex motor is loud, But maybe I can find a replacement
servo oneday.
Once this one is mounted and I know everything is working good,
I'll make another for the Lifeform Scanner.


The life of thomas said...

Congrats Calvin!!!

Now lets see you squeeze it in the dome :D


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Thomas,
I trial fitted it in the dome and it fits.
But I need a inner dome plate to mount it too.
I'm trying to get Jag to do a run of these and then I'm good to go.

R2D2 Fett said...

Cool! That will be a really nice touch!!!


jduffphoto said...

Very cool!! Can't wait to see it installed.

Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Guys,
Jag is going to see if he can get some dome plates made and then I can mount it in the dome.
After I trial fit everything, I'll get the Periscope complete with lights and painting.