Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parts Ordered

I have the Jag version of the dome plate on order and I found
this little Amplifier on Ebay.
The Amp will give me more than enough power (10 watts per channel)
to run the M&A sound system.
The best part is the Amp has a pin port and all I will have to do is connect
the pin from the M&A to the Amp and connect 12v.
Connect the speakers and I should have sound.


jduffphoto said...


I looked at that amp as a possibility to use with my SD system (the think geek box). I almost ordered it, but I'm holding off for now. Let me know how it works. I haven't decided yet if I even need to amp up my sound or just let it run as is..


R2D2 Fett said...

Cool little amp!!

Jon...did you get your thinkgeek sound thing wireless? How are people doing that?


Jayson Towne said...

Looks good. Was there an offering for dome plates? Where did you order yours from?

Jayson Towne
"Little City"

jduffphoto said...


I sure did. I picked that up while I had the budget to do it. I just received my 12ch wireless this week, but haven't had time to tinker. I don't want to side track Calvin's site here, so if you can PM me on Astromech, I'll give you my email addy there.


Calvin Thomas said...

I mounted a small Amp in Brenda's R2 and it only has 4 watts, Which was more than enough.
I ordered this so I would'nt have to build it, It's ready to go.
It's more power than I need for R2.
Don't worry about my blog posts.
I like to hear your ideas :o)

Thanks I think it will work?

I'm getting the dome plate from Jag, I emailed him and he was nice enough to get some made.
I can't wait to get it.

Thanks Guys

The life of thomas said...

I feel like I'm totally out of the loop on this thinkgeek sound thingy. But it "sounds" pretty cool!