Saturday, February 06, 2010

Another Small Project

Brenda bought me the sign a few years back and I wasn't sure what
I would use it for back then, But now I do.
I made a new frame for it and will dress it similar to the large backlit
This one will not be backlit, I may add some lighting to the inside the box
so it shows up better later.


R2D2 Fett said...

Very cool! I did something similar in one of my past home theaters (cry). I built an aluminum framed box that attached to the wall and hinged open (had a lock for changing the poster).

The beauty of it was that it covered my breaker box in the basement. Miss my theater.

Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Dude,
I'll be glad to get them finished.
Later down the line I plan to build 1 more big backlit display.