Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scrubby's Stand Cont.

Scrubby's stand is almost finished.
All I need now is for the paint to dry and then I can wire up the Vex controller.
This will be the "Drive a Droid" at MegaCon so all the kids can enjoy him.
Next is to work on the 2x4 boundary, So he can't leave the area.


The life of thomas said...

Hi Calvin...I've been away for a while but I just wanted to say you really do a lot of good work and the scrubber droid for kids to try out is a great idea!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Thomas,
We are doing everything we can for MegaCon.
I wanted the booth to be more interactive and thought this would be a nice item.
Can't wait to see you at CV :o)