Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Upgrade

The square 4x3 inch aluminum tube has arrived and I've already started measureing
and cutting.
I've been worried about my A&A Foot Motor Holders not being able to hold R2 when he makes a turn, So this is going to change.
The tubing has a 1/8 inch wall and I plan to only cut away what is needed.
I will also add some additional bracing inside the tube.
I need to stop at the shop and pick up some aluminum bathroom partition mounts to make the channel where the ankle fits.
More to come.


jduffphoto said...

Hey Calvin,

Curious, are you going to a chain drive with this new motor set up?

How heavy is your droid getting that you need to make the upgrade?


Calvin Thomas said...

I plan to first try the belt drive, but if the belt continues to slip I will go to chain. I think the A&A motor holder was allowing the wheel to move and cause the belt to slip.
I think R2 is around 135lbs.

The life of thomas said...

Hi Calvin, a quick question. The motors you are using, what the watt(age) on those 100w, 110w, 125w, 200w or higher? After being at CV and after my latest event this past weekend I've decided it's time for a little overhaul, paint job and general maintance. Its been 2 years since i started to do events and its needs some work. I'm also going to try your motor housing idea ;)

Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Thomas,
I'm using the 135w motors now and the new setup will have the 200w motors. I noticed that in carpet he seems to drag some, The new motors should stop this problem.
Yeah the A&A is Ok but he's too heavy for them.

The life of thomas said...

yeah, I will be trying your idea because I'm out eventing so much that I'll have to work on a setup that can go the distance over the coming years. And stronger motors and an aluminum motor-housings is the best to go :)