Saturday, October 07, 2006

Radar Eye/Data Port Mounting

Ok, I studied some pics from Astromech and found many different positions for the Eye.
I'm not sure which is correct. 1 is high - 1 is low - 1 is crooked etc.
So I mounted the eye kinda neutral.
The Data Port fit perfect in the A&A Frame.
Anyway, Please leave a comment about the Eye position, Good/Bad?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, That was one question I had with the Club. I looked at so many pictures, official and builders droids, and was still not sure of how I was going to mount it. Because, once you drill those holes, theres no turning back. I traces in pencil around my eye on the dome at least 3 times before I was satisfied. I think yours looks great. Not too high.

Calvin Thomas said...

It looks different now that it's painted.
I compared it to the Kenny Baker R2 and like the look his R2 has.