Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Utility Arms

Well since my Comp. died, I'm on my wifes laptop and will only post pics on the weekends.
But today I got my Utility Arms painted and installed into the A&A frame.
I have the Aluminum arms and I ran into a problem when installing them.
The arms are to spec., But the Aluminum skins I have are not allowing the arms to open.
So what I did was to enlarge a certain area of the skin as the R2 Builders requested.
Also after doing this, I had to cut the arms in the area where the back of the hand area comes
into contact with the skin.
From the outside you can't see where I cut the arm and when the arm is open,
It looks like R2 has thumbs.
I'll post pics this weekend and you'll see where the cut was done.

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