Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello Holo

Remounted the front Holo, So now there's no hole in his head.

I also mounted the Restraining Bolt. Now most builders attach this with a magnet, But this R2 will be around a lot of children and I figured if I plan to keep him in one piece it better be bolted down.

So I drilled and tapped the Bolt and screwed it to the skins for safe keeping. My R2 will be a family treasure after I'm gone and I'm building it too last. I don't ever plan to repaint R2. So if it becomes damaged or scratched, At that time it will get weathered and look even more like the real R2.

Now that the front is finished, I will complete the rear skins.


R2D2 Fett said...

Looking great!

I used a couple strong magnets for mine (same ones as the removable;e panel on the middle foot for access to the connecting bolt.

I have to say it is a nice feature to be able to pop off the bolt....although it does seem to be the thing that kids grab firts I have found. They are always surprised to see it comes off..nice feature.


Anonymous said...

Hey man!!! I guess R2 has lots of little things the little ones like to grab at. Your R2 is looking awesome!! I was thinking of getting the Droidstuff one that can be a power switch. By the way, did you ever wire up your domebumps? Even though they are momentary switches, I'd like to find out how to make them permanent, to where they stay lit all the time and can be used to turn R2's lights on and off.

Calvin Thomas said...

That's a nice setup that Daniel has made. I was thinking of getting the guts from him and adding it to mine, But if a child grabs it then R2 will shut down.
I have'nt wired my bumps yet because I plan to run them through my Vex setup and it will regulate them. Someone on the board has talked about a relay board that will work with the buttons as you need them. I plan to do the same as you, The buttons will control the lights and other things.

Anonymous said...

Oh O.K.
I seen that Vex in action at the Get-together I was at. Bob ross had it in his, and I must say, I'm interested. I also heard of a Flip-flop switch that some use in their droids. I'm not to bright with the electronics thing, but I do want those switches to do what I want. And thank you, because you were the one who inspired me to get them!!!

Calvin Thomas said...

No problem.
I think the Vex is a very nice setup. It's kinda between the Auto.guys and the remote guys.
I plan to have somethings automated on R2, Just not sure what yet.
How long will it be till you get your frame?

Anonymous said...

I think Jerry said late October, early November. But, that was a month ago. I'd have to find out, but I know that the run is over, and they are probably being made right now. I still owe him $300, so hopefully he's not too mad about that.

R2D2 Fett said...

Having a restraining bolt be the power supply would be kind of cool....stops him from getting away!~

I'm using Vex too (thanks to Calvin's help). I just have to get at it. I plan to finish basement then work on R2 again when I can.

R2D2 Fett said...

I hear you are having a builders meet!! Take lots of pics for me!!!!!