Saturday, September 08, 2007

Small Steps

Sorry the pic is kinda crooked, But I had to lay on the floor to get the pic.

You'll start seeing a lot of pics like this one as I make progress on finishing R2. This pic shows the installed vents and the Power Coupler. Behind the 2 vents, I have 2 nice speakers for the midrange/high sounds. The bass will come from the speakers I have mounted under the large side vents on each side of R2. (Yeah!!!, Booming R2 and his lead tune will be: Lowrider from the 80's)

I will be painting the doors today and will tape them on the backside as to close up the front skins.

Once I get the hinges for the doors, Then I will get them swinging and down inside the door pockets I will cover this area with styrene and paint the styrene white to give it a nice finish.


Victor Franco said...

Wow, this is turning into a great looking R2! Keep up the good work.


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Victor!!
I've been watching your site on that new build. That was pretty smart buying 2 of everything.
Can't wait to see whats next!!