Sunday, April 20, 2008

General Update

I have'nt been doing much lately and I'm still working on the Periscope setup.
Here's what I have been working on:
I have my Slipring now and I'm able to do some wiring. This is my current setup.
I'm using the 12 ch. remote from Ebay and my Vex Micro to work almost everything in the dome. Here's the layout-
Ch1. = PSI Lights on/off Ch.2 = Small Logics on/off
Ch3. = Alternates Small Logics to logo
Ch4. = Front Holo Light on/off
The above works with the 12ch directly connected. The below will be in juction with the Vex Micro.

Ch5. = Front Holo movement - "Uses" motor port 1 and Dig. 16
Ch6. = Periscope up/down - motor port 2 and Dig. 15,14,13,12
{Periscope uses 4 Dig. ports - 1 activates - 2 limits - 1 light switch}
Ch 7. = 2 Pies by 1 Y-connector - motor port 3 and Dig. 11
Ch8. = 1 Pie between the 1st two - motor port 4 and Dig. 10
Ch9. = Lifeform Scanner Pie - motor port 5 and Dig. 9
Ch10. = Lifeform Scanner - motor port 6 and Dig. 8,7,6,5
{Works the same as the Periscope setup}

This layout may change as I go along, But I'm using it as a guide to help me.


R2D2 Fett said... do you get the vex to turn lights on and off?

You are using "pies" to control your this like a switch or something??

Looks like a very cool setup!! YOur R2 will be fully loaded!!


Calvin Thomas said...

The vex only controls the servos, motors and a few sensors in the dome. The 12ch Ebay remote works the lights.

HAHAHA No the Pie panels on the dome :o)


Anonymous said...

At least you have your hands busy. Isnt that 12ch remote for sounds too? I always wondered why 1 remote cant work everything. But I'm not that far along yet. Thats awesome that you have the CPU arm and the Lifeform Scanner. I'm pretty sure I'm in on the run for the next scanners. did you paint the details of your arm yourself?


Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, It's the same one for the sound setup. I'll have the main remote for driving and a few other things and I'll have 2 12ch. remotes on my belt for the dome and sound.
I have'nt got the Life Scanner yet, But I will oneday.

The Cpu Arm, I bought it ready to go. I shake too much for that kind of painting.