Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slipring Mounting

Here's a video of how I'm mounting my Slip ring connector.

This is not exactly the way I wanted it to work, But I couldn't find a better place to mount the connector. The problem this causes, The dome itself will not separate from the dome ring as easily as it has been in the past. The wiring in the dome will connect to the female connector and the male connector will run through the body as a power source. If I need to separate the dome and the dome ring, I will have to unbolt the female connector from the dome ring. This is not really a hard task, But it sure was nice to grab the dome and slide it off the ring.

I'm not sure if most builders separate the dome and ring much anyway. When I sit the dome back on the body, I will be able from the back of the body to bolt the dome to the bearing using 4 wing nuts and then connect the 2 connectors together.


R2D2 Fett said...

Hey that looks great! Not going to have interference with the dome drive I hope!

Once all is working..how often do you think you will be taking the dome off anyways?

Good work man! ARe you gettignout of your lull?


Calvin Thomas said...

No the dome drive sits down lower on the ring.
I also mounted the connector up on 2 small spacers to add some extra room.

Yeah, I'm feeling better, But not looking forward to surgery.