Monday, April 21, 2008


Here's the slipring I'm working on and I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.

I don't know allot about Amperage and Voltage, So I wouldn't copy me on this project. The Slip ring wires are suppose to hold 2 amps and the 24 pin connector pins hold 3 amps.

So what I did was: I connected 2 wires each to 3 pins as a positive and the same for the ground. Now I don't know if this will support my Vex, But we'll find out soon.

The other connections will be soldered as I need them in case I'm doing this wrong. The other connector is for the dome itself to power everything in the dome. This Slip ring will allow the dome to rotate and receive it's power from the body batteries. More to come.


R2D2 Fett said... take on some tricky stuff!!

Good luck man!!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Dude,
I'm really kinda lost on this one.
But the worst I can do is burn up the slip ring. :O(