Thursday, November 06, 2008

Center Ankle Work

Ok, I've done something I'm NOT really proud of, But I needed a solution for this problem.
My center leg is made from square aluminum tubing and the standard Ankle mount would not work for me.
In the pic you can see inside the Ankle and the square plates I added inside will cup the aluminum leg very tightly. I plan to add a slot in the plates so a fixed bolt in the leg will slide down into the plates and allow me to tighten the plates to the leg. It's hard to describe so I'll post more pics later.

The other pic shows the screws on the outside. Yeah I know what it looks like :o(
I'll countersink the screws and paint them white so they don't show as much.
Most of the screws will be up in the skirt and will not be seen, But I think the bottom 2 screws may show up.


R2D2 Fett said...

It will look just fine...

Only YOU will be able to see them!

Looking great man.

I am getting kind of depressed with my R2. It is clunky, the rc doesnt work well, that caster problem, the new sound sysytem goes off randomly...(possibly when there is a signal loss?)'s an emberassment). I guess seeing Thomas's videos if perfection made me look at mine in a different light.

Ah well...I guess its a static R2 that has the benfit of sort of moving around.

Anyways sorry man...yours is coming along great!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Your being too hard on yourself.
In any build there's allways room for improvement. I change stuff all the time.
That's why I tell people:
"If it's been tryed and it did'nt work, You'll find it on Calvin's Blog" :o)
Your problem with Vex will be solved as soon as the WiFi addon is ready.
I'd check the wiring and make sure there's not something knocking the Vex out, Because alot of builders are still using Vex and have no problem.
Which motor controller did you use?
It could be the problem.