Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shipping box

I mounted the floor in the box today and got some of the bolts countersunk.
It's made from 3/4 particle board and is very strong.
Under the floor I will mount another 3/4 plate where the casters will mount
and this will give more than enough strength for the casters.

I didn't notice but my aluminum channel is 2x2 instead of 1-1/2.
Now you would think I would have noticed this ;o)
I need to get some more bolts and the threaded rods for the corners.
The only thing I'm not sure how to make is the cable lift for the top.
I need to find out, How you attach 4 cables to a eyelet so the crane will
have something to hook.


R2D2 Fett said...

Looking great!

AFter is it don'e you need to stencil something to the side. "Live animal inside" or "Property of Dr. Jones" or "This will have to do while my Limo is in the shop" or something.

Great work man!

So is your R2 done??


Calvin Thomas said...

No R2 still needs work ;o)
I just don't have enough time to finish him.

I thought about using clear Plexi or Acrylic for the sides, But not sure if it would be strong enough.
The frame supports all the weight and I got the threaded rods in place so the box will be lifted by the bottom at the top.

Jim Quinlan said...

Hi Calvin,
On my box, I use 2x4's all over the place with multiple braces to make it secure. The last thing in the world you want is for that box to fall apart when you start hoisting your R2. So be very careful and if nothing else wrap the box with tow straps and attach that to your lifting crane. Also I will have my R2 secure with straps on the inside of the box also in case the load shifts to keep R2 from moving or rolling into the ramp and smashing out mid air.

Then again I may be the over cautions R2 parent ! Time's ticking away and there's too many ToDo's and not enough time !


Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Jim,
We'll be picking up the other parts for the boxes tomorrow and Monday I'll have some cables made for the top to lift the box.
I'm going to add some cross braces to add strength to the corners.
It's pretty strong so far and I stood in the box and Brenda tilted it and it held strong and I weigh 220.
I'll be glad when they are finished, I still have allot of other things to do.