Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ewok Captuered!!!!!!

Started building 2 R2 shipping boxes for the MegaCon vacation
and look what I caught, A LOOSE EWOK!!!!!!
And the trap was'nt even finished :o)

The aluminum rails are 1-1/2 rails and the box measures
31 x 33 x 48. All we need now is the threaded rod for each corner
and to countersink all the bolts.
Once this is finished I can add the sides, bottom and top.
The threaded rods will go from top to bottom and out the top will
be 4 eyelets for a cable system.

Once the box is finished, I'll put the Ewok in the box and see how
the crane lifts the box onto my truck.
More to come.


R2D2 Fett said...

Dang that is one mad looking Ewok! Hahhaa...

Now you can use that to lure her out of dumpsters!

Great sure don't cut any corners do you?!?!?

Great work!


Calvin Thomas said...

AHAHAHAHAHAAAA That's funny!!!
She was looking of the other way and I could'nt resist it.

I think I'm going to add some small cross braces to the corners for extra strength.
See anything else I might need?

R2D2 Fett said...

Definitely cross braces and plywood all around. Should be very strong. Some extra braces at the bottom to prevent the bottom plywood from bending might be a good idea but that should hold!

Gonna test it first???


The life of thomas said...

nice build certainly don't do anything small scale ;)

Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Thomas!!!
I'm trying to build these so I don't have to do it again.
So I hope they turn out nice :o)

I'll add the cross braces and that should beef up the corners.
Oh Yeah!!!
I wasn't kidding about Brenda being the test subject.
If it falls, She'll have a sore rear end :o)