Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Project

I've always wanted a real (Almost Real) Arcade machine.
I've been collecting parts and using my old Dreamcast, I'll finally
have a stand up Arcade.
This is the base for the controllers and I have many other panels already
I'll add a design and cover this with clear Plexi.
I guess you guys have noticed I'm jumping around on projects allot.
But I have so many goodies I have been saving and now I'm using them up.


The life of thomas said...

...and what batteries are you using to keep your ticker going ;)


Calvin Thomas said...

I just keep going like the everready batts.
I just hate to stop.

R2D2 Fett said...

Awesome!! I have a Defender cabinet I am using as my MAME machine. Have thousands of old arcade games!

Will the dreamcast controls work with a PC (thus MAME)? How will you interface with the PC?

Cool man! If you are up to duplicating the old Star Wars upright I have a bezel for one. ;)


PS..You ARE crazy!

Calvin Thomas said...

It's just going to be a Dreamcast setup.
I thought about doing a Mame, But I'm just cleaning up the extra junk and I really like the old Dreamcast.
Email me a pic of that bezel, I'd like to see it.