Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Project

After removing the letters from this area, The panels are glued into place.
Later the aluminum will be covered with a silver tape so all the parts are the same

These aluminum panels are leftovers from my R2 skins and they fit perfect.
I'm glad I'm a PACK RAT :o)

Yeah I know everyone knows what this will be used for, SCRUBBER DROID!!!!!
I've been wanting to build one and right now I need a break from R2.


R2D2 Fett said...

Hmm...automate it with a roomba and you have a full tiem cleaner!


Take on much?? ;)


Calvin Thomas said...

I'm going to put the Vex Micro it him.
I have tons of sensors and I can code him for some need stuff.

jduffphoto said...

"Always on the move..."
- Obi Wan Kenobi

Looks like Megacon was a blast!!! Great job on the boxes, by the way..


The life of thomas said...

Hi Calvin...i just made a 7 hour drive to my lastest Con and when I powered up artoo I somehow burnt out my vex transmitter, lol...fortunately I have a reserve, but like yourself I will be taking a break from artoo after this weekend to work on my new mystery.

Congrats, on the new project :)


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks and MegaCon was a blast.
I'm allready working on goodies for next year.

How did you burn up a controller?
7 Hour drive? Woww!!!!
I meant to ask you how your batts are doing.
I drove my R2 for 3 days as much as I could and the only batt I charged was a small 12v. 4.5 ah batt.
I have 2- 12v. 4.5 ah batts together to drive the electronics and 3- 12v. 10ah batts together for the foot motors. Everything is 12v.
I was surprized to see it last this long.