Saturday, March 07, 2009

Scrubber Work

We located the side buttons which Doug O. told me about and I cut a 3mm sheet
of styrene to cover the top for a smooth finish.
After the top dries I will smooth the edges and start working on the goodies
that sit on top.


R2D2 Fett said...

Arent you ever going to relax?? Looking great man.

I am a little unsure about scrubber droids? Are they in the movies? I know you see the odd mouse droid in ANH.

Great work so far! Where are you getting your reference pics etc. from??


Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Dude,
No I don't stop, When I do my joints all stiffen up and the pain starts. That's why I hate the night time, It's painful :o(

I get my pics and help from Stick Monkey:
I hope it turns out Ok, More work than I thought.

The life of thomas said...

Hi Calvin, very cool pictures! response to your battery question. I have my motors running on a single 12v 18amp battery with an extra in reserve. This past weekend event I never needed the the reserve battery. Thats right, one charge lasted the entire weekend with plenty of juice to spare. However, I used a single 12v 1.5 amp for my sound system and that just barely made it threw an 8 hour day. The only real draw back i had this weekend was that the Vex transmitter batteries don't last more than 5-6 hours before it needs a new charge.

I haven't mentioned it to my future wife yet but got fed up with the vex and just bought a new 7 channel 2.4Ghz Futaba. It's a good thing i got those Vex's for just $10 each ;)

Calvin Thomas said...

I didn't think the batts would last very long.
Most of the time on the group, All you hear about is the batts going dead.
Your going to get BUSTED!!!!
The Ps2 gamepad I use shuts off to save the batts when your not using it. All it holds is 2- AA batts.
I can't wait to get the comp going and use that Ps2 controller.